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I Am, I Am, I Am

I am the worshiper. I am the temple. I am the divine. . Tantra is the path to be fully human with desires and emotions and still reach joy, pleasure, love and abundance, without cutting yourself off. It’s not a search for pleasure, it’s making sure we’re not fighting our human nature, because we’re already divine. Tantra returns our senses, desires, passion, emotion, and sexuality to Spirit. I have a tendency to feel guilty for my passion. To cower in the face of social disapproval, especially in the spiritual community. Except that is abandoning my body, my power and my true nature. Why do I keep abandoning myself so that I can fit in? So that I can be loved or be seen as "good"?

It's as if I periodically get amnesia and forget that I have a natural connection to God, to the Divine, to my True Self.

That I can trust my body in all of my choices, that I can trust my desires are divine, and that I was born in a specific way for a specific purpose. To not fight my human nature, but to understand it's divinity.

Much Love,

Amy xx

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