I work on 3 levels: Body, Mind, Energetic.

We start with the body, since the body doesn’t lie.

Using breathwork, targeted movement and pelvic floor engagement, we activate your feminine Shakti energy, which is also orgasmic energy. It also creates life and is healing energy. 


When it’s activated and moves through your system it begins to purge your body and tissues of emotions, traumas and blockages. It shows up through a physical sensation, a mental blockage and an unexpressed emotion.


The breathwork and practices we use balance your hormones, detox your body, and purge your subconscious. Our mind is powerful enough to shut down our body. In Tantra we are reconnecting our primal body, with our mind and our energy. 


I’ve had many clients with endometriosis, ovarian cysts and imbalanced cycles have incredible break throughs mentally and physically. 


Many studies have been done on the power of orgasm. How orgasms increase blood flow, creates supple tissue in the cervix and pelvic floor and opens you to a more vibrant life. 


The results of this program wouldn’t ONLY be to create a life that is vivid and powerful, but to open to deeper intimacy and the side effects are incredible orgasm, but also stronger connection.